Here is an overview of the course units:

  1. Welcome - This introductory module provides an overview of the Teaching AP CSA professional development course. Students learn about the big ideas behind the course, key principles for teaching AP CSA, access and equity in computer science, and goal planning and pacing.
  2. What is AP CSA? Students learn about the 2019 AP Computer Science A course and College Board curriculum framework, how to go through the AP Course Audit, specific details about the new AP examination, and an overview of the CodeHS AP CSA curriculum which includes student recruitment strategies.
  3. How CodeHS Works - In this module students will gain an understanding of what CodeHS is bringing to your classroom, and learn how to use the CodeHS website effectively.
  4. Java Programming Basics Bootcamp - Students dive in and learn the basics of programming in Java by working through a condensed version of the first two student modules and key lessons from student course modules 3 and 4.
  5. Java Programming Advanced Bootcamp - Students continue learning more about programming in Java by working through key student lessons on classes and data structures.
  6. Debugging in Java - Finding and fixing errors in programs is a fundamental skill for new and experienced programmers to develop. This module introduces debugging, the art and science of fixing broken programs. Students learn techniques for finding common code errors and effective debugging strategies to share with students.
  7. Teaching Programming in Java - Students practice teaching the basics of programming with Java. This module reviews key concepts of Java and object-oriented programming and ways to teach them the classroom. Students also practice grading and fixing student Java programs.
  8. Leading a Blended Computer Science Class - Teachers learn what leading a blended classroom with both online and offline activities looks like, and learn helpful ideas and best practices for incorporating online learning into a traditional classroom.
  9. After the AP Exam - This brief module explores how teachers can effectively use the planning and instructional time after the AP Exam.

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