Q: What does it mean to be Automatically Graded (Scored)?

A: Automatically Graded assignments rely on the built in test cases to determine whether a program has the correct functionality. Once the assignment passes all the test cases and the student submits, the assignment will be graded and given a full score. Automatically Graded assignments by default will not show up in Grade Mode and Fast Grade.

Q: What does it mean to be Teacher Graded?

A: Teacher Graded assignments are ones that you’d personally like to look at and review. Test cases are still in place, so students will have to have functional programs before they are submitted to you. Students will not receive a score for these assignments until you manually grade them. To learn how to grade assignments, view "How do I grade the assignments that are set as Teacher Graded?" below.

Q: How do I grade the assignments that are set as Teacher Graded?

A: There are a number of methods that you can use to grade assignments

  • Fast Grade shows only the essential information you need to grade an assignment without loading the full editor page. 
  • Grade Mode allows you to go from one assignment to the next inside the editor. 
  • Fast Grade by Assignment allows you to go through the Fast Grade for a specific assignment.
  • You can also click into an individual assignments and submit a grade via the grade tab in the editor. 

Q: Can I manually grade an assignment that is set to be Automatically Graded?

A: Yes, you are able to manually grade assignments even if it’s set to be automatically graded. Students do not even have to submit an assignment before you can manually grade it. A manual grade before a student submission negates the automatic grading setting, so if the student does submit no automatic grade will be given and your manual grade will still stand. Learn more by reading: How Do I Modify a Student's Grade After it Passed the Autograder?

Q: Can I grade an assignment multiple times? (for regrades or mistakes)

A: Yes, you can grade an assignment as many times as you’d like. Students do not need to resubmit before you submit a regrade.

Q: Is it possible to automatically give partial credit on assignments submitted after the due date?

A: No, this is currently not available. Automatically graded assignments submitted after the due date will still receive full credit. To update these scores, you’ll have to manually grade the assignments.

Q: Do test cases still run when assignments are set to be teacher graded?

A: Yes, in order for an assignment to be submitted, it must pass all test cases. Teachers can grade at an assignment at any point and don’t have to wait for assignments to be submitted. Fast grade by default will only show submitted assignments, but you can edit the filters to show any assignments.

Q: What happens when I change the points an assignment is worth?

A: If you change the max points for an assignment, any existing student scores for the assignment will be scaled to match the new max points value. 

Be careful changing the max points to or from a value of 0, this might result in some unexpected behavior!

If an assignment has been automatically graded, changing to 0 will result in a student score of 0, but changing from 0 will result in the assignment receiving full credit, the new max point value. If an assignment has been manually graded, changing to and from a max points of 0 will result in a 0 for the student score also.

Q: Is it possible to give extra credit?

A: Yes, if you provide a score greater than the max points set for an assignment, it will count as extra credit. 

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