We’ve made improvements to the CodeHS Grading Settings. These changes were rolled out to all Pro teachers on Tuesday, October 8, 2019.

Our team has been working hard to make the Grading Settings more intuitive for teachers by redesigning the page and changing the settings to "Teacher Graded" vs "Automatically Graded." Check out the new page design below.

What are CodeHS Grading Settings?

Grading Settings allows you to select which module, lesson or assignment will be automatically graded by the CodeHS autograders or by you, the teacher.

With the new redesign, you'll have the option to select Teacher or Auto based on how you'd like to grade students' work.

What does Teacher Graded mean?

By selecting Teacher, the assignment will need to be manually graded by the teacher before any score is given. For example, if you want to grade an assignment through Fast Grade or Grade Mode select Teacher Graded. The default filtering for submission lists and fast grade will only show assignments that are set to be Teacher Graded. 

Students' code will still need to pass the CodeHS Test Cases before being submitted. However, the assignment will not be given a score until it's graded by the teacher.

What does Automatically Graded mean?

By selecting Auto, assignments will be automatically graded upon submission. This means students will be given full credit when they pass all CodeHS Test Cases and submit their assignment. Note: Teachers can still review and update any grades for Automatically Graded assignments.

Grading Settings is only available on CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at

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