On CodeHS Pro you can configure your Gradebook to show only the activities you want. Click Configure on the Gradebook page and select what type of assignment you want to include in the gradebook, what you want to display in the grade book and if you want students to view report cards. 

Include in Gradebook: This setting controls what type of assignments are in the gradebook. This will remove all unchecked types from the gradebook and will not be included in the computational grade.
Display Settings: This settings controls whether quizzes and exercises are displayed in the gradebook. This does not remove them from the gradebook,  the assignment is hidden yet still included in the computational grade.
Student Permissions: This settings controls whether or not students can view their grade report.
Late Assignments: This setting controls whether all assignments automatically receive a zero after the due date. An assignment can still be manually graded after the due date. Checking this box will also retroactively give all late unopened or not submitted assignments a zero.
Grade Calculations: This setting controls how the final percentage grade is calculated

The CodeHS Gradebook is only available on Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at hello@codehs.com.

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