Free Features

  • Create teacher courses
  • Create unlimited activities in Create (in playlists)
  • Assign materials from any CodeHS course in the Catalog
    --- Assign entire Course
    --- Assign single Module
    --- Assign from the Problem Bank
    --- Assign an entire Playlist
    --- Assign one activity from a Playlist
  • Delete assignments, lessons, or modules you don’t need
  • Choose which Assignments can use blocks
  • Grading
    --- See student code
    --- See student submissions and submission times
    --- Give partial credit
    --- Send messages to your students
    --- Use canned responses
    --- Assign “next steps” to either Finalize or mark an Assignment as Needs Work

Pro Features

Everything in the Free Plan plus…

  • Grading / Gradebook
    --- View your section’s Gradebook
    --- Customize what shows up in the Gradebook
    --- Customize the point value for an Assignment
    --- Choose which Assignments you want to manually review and grade and which ones you want to be Automatically Graded when submitted
    --- Fast Grade
    --- Grade Mode (coming soon)
    --- View and filter student submissions. Grade subsets in Fast Grade
    --- Single Assignment Grade Dashboard -- See the information and quickly grade a single Assignment

To get Pro for your school, contact our team at

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