The AP CS A (Nitro) course was created to align with the sequence of units recommended by College Board in the updated Course and Exam Description

What are the differences between AP Computer Science A (Nitro) and AP Computer Science A (Mocha)?

College Board Units

The AP Computer Science A (Mocha) is aligned to the AP CS A standards framework, however it teaches objects later in the course, which differs from the unit sequence recommended by College Board.

The AP CS A (Nitro) course implements the sequence of units that College Board recommends in the new Course and Exam Description. Note that this sequence of units is not required — teachers may continue to teach topics in the order that works best for their students.

Here are the new units:

  • Unit 1: Primitive Types
  • Unit 2: Using Objects
  • Unit 3: Boolean Expressions and If Statements
  • Unit 4: Iteration
  • Unit 5: Writing Classes
  • Unit 6: Arrays
  • Unit 7: ArrayList
  • Unit 8: 2D Array
  • Unit 9: Inheritance
  • Unit 10: Recursion

Main Method

The AP Computer Science A (Mocha) course instructs students using the CodeHS Java Console. 

Our AP CS A (Nitro) course that uses the Java Main Method. Instead of the CodeHS Java Console that we use in AP CS A (Mocha), exercises in AP CS A (Nitro) will utilize the Java Main Method. Students will also use the Scanner class to take user input.

Teachers may choose to continue the AP Computer Science A (Mocha) course--both Nitro and Mocha will prepare students for the AP CS A exam.

Choosing the Right Course

Depending on experience and preferred instructional approach, the right course varies by teacher. This chart can help you make the right decision for your classroom!

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