Steps to give students extra or partial credit:

  1. Go to the student’s program in the Code Editor     
  2. In the Code Editor, visit the Grade tab
  3. Enter the updated grade in the “Score” field
                         a. Here you can also:
                                i. Add Student Feedback
                               ii. Update the grade to "Needs Work" or "Finalized"
  4. Click Submit Grade which will reflect the updated grade for the student to view
                         a. Under Grading History you can view the students grade overtime.

Steps to give students extra or partial credit in the Gradebook:

  1. Navigate to the Gradebook and find the student you wish to give partial credit or extra credit to
  2. Within the Gradebook, locate the assignment you wish to give credit for and click on the grade. This will open up the student's Code Editor page. 
  3. From here, click on the Grade tab located on the right side of the code editor, and this is where you will be able to give partial or extra credit

The CodeHS Gradebook is only available on Pro. To get Pro for you school, contact our team at


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