Have any questions about the 2019 Platform Updates? This Q&A from the webinar may answer some of those questions:

Questions about the New LMS Features

When will these new features be released?

The new LMS features will be fully released before the start of the 2019 school year. We do not have a specific date yet, but we’re aiming to get a beta launched to a group of teachers before the final product is available as soon as we can.

Are any of these features available for the free version?

Yes. Basic LMS features will be available for everyone in the 2019 school year. 

  • All teachers will have the ability to create assignments, and customize which assignments are assigned to which sections.
  • All teachers will be able to award partial credit when grading assignments.

For each assignment you create, there are assignment-level (applying to all sections), section-level (applying to a particular section), and student-level (applying to a particular student) customizations. Here is a table showing which of these customizations are Free, and which are Pro:

Which languages can I enable the Blocks option for?

Blocks can be enabled for JavaScript and HTML assignments. We may expand blocks to other languages in the future.

When I add an "Extra Description" to an assignment, where will that appear to the students?

It will appear right beneath the assignment's default description in the code editor, both in the initial Exercise Description Popup and in the Exercise Tab:

When grading an assignment, will I be able to see if the assignment was turned in late? And how late?

Yes, that will show up for late assignments. The Grading Tab will show you the time the assignment was submitted, as well as the due date.

Will students still see the circles across the bottom of the editor to navigate back and forth through their Assignments?

We will definitely provide a way for students to navigate back and forth through their Assignments in the editor. That will likely still be the circles along the bottom of the editor, but that interface may change.

So does this replace “Custom Courses” and “Playlists”?

Playlists will still be available. You can make your own playlists, and then assign playlists to whichever course you like. You can also assign playlists made by the CodeHS Team, as well as playlists made by other teachers in the Playlist Bank.

The Custom Courses that are currently made within CodeHS Create will likely be replaced by these LMS features, yes. Your LMS Courses are now your custom courses. Those can be based on existing CodeHS courses or built from scratch, and you can assign any curriculum you like in the course, whether that’s curriculum made by you, by other teachers, or by CodeHS.

Is it possible to “clear out” old custom courses or playlists?

Yes! You can archive any of your Custom Courses or Playlists.

Will these new features be added to sections we have already created? Or should we wait until the updates come out to create new sections?

When these features are fully rolled out, they will not automatically back-apply to existing sections. Sections you've taught in previous years will remain the same.

We may automatically apply them to sections created over the summer, but no decision has been finalized there.

Regardless, you shouldn't feel the need to wait until these updates come out to create new sections. LMS features will be available for all sections for this upcoming school year. If your section is missing them, reach out to hello@codehs.com and we can fix that for you.

Questions about Cheat Detection and Prevention Features

Will the History Feature still work the same way it currently does?

The History Tab will still be available in the editor as usual. We may add more detailed History tools as well, but the existing flow will work as usual.

As part of our updates to combat cheating and help with cheat-detection, we've already started more regular auto-saving, as well as auto-saving any time code is pasted into the editor, so the History Tab already shows a much more complete story of how the student's code was developed.

Are you going to send a message or set a flag if a student is finishing an assignment much faster than expected?

We will be improving our tracking and reporting for time-spent on each assignment. Comparing time-spent against the site-wide average is a feature we are considering creating for next school year, but no decisions have been finalized.

Curriculum Questions

College Board has revised the AP Computer Science A requirements for the exam. Are you revising your curriculum and tests to reflect this change?

Yes we are! We partner with the College Board and are in communication with them about the updates and have already been working on revisions. The newly revised version of the CodeHS AP Computer Science A course will be released this summer, stay tuned for a release date.

Will you be adding an AP Computer Science Principles course in Python?

No, not for the 2019 school year, but we may do this in the future!

Will you be adding a Python 3 course?

Python 3 will be available in the Sandbox, in Create if you'd like to make your own Python 3 assignments, and the CodeHS curriculum team will also be adding Python 3 playlists to the playlist bank.

The Introduction to Computer Science in Python course, however, will still be taught using Python 2.7 for the 2019 school year. We may roll out a full Python 3 course in the future.

Will HTML/CSS allow external stylesheets?

Yes, external stylesheets are currently supported and are covered in the CodeHS Web Design curriculum!

Other Questions

Will this webinar be available after today?

Yes! This webinar can be viewed anytime here: https://help.codehs.com/codehs-webinars/codehs-webinar-2019-platform-updates

All of our webinars are recorded and available here: https://help.codehs.com/codehs-webinars

When will there be more webinars?!

We have webinars every month! The next webinar is May 23 at 10am Pacific, and it will cover 2019 Curriculum Updates.

You can view all of our webinars here: https://help.codehs.com/codehs-webinars

Any upcoming changes for iPad use?

We are constantly making improvements to CodeHS to make the site more usable on mobile devices and tablets, but we still recommend teaching with desktop computers, laptops, and/or Chromebooks for the best experience this school year.

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