J.C. Harmon High School

Kansas City, Kansas
A former English teacher, Andy Walleck didn't know what to think when his administration told him he'd be teaching computer science starting two years ago. Now, he's loving it and watching his kids become inspired by coding.

The King's Academy

West Palm Beach, Florida
With little to no computer science experience, but a strong passion to teach, Linda Hahn has grown the computer science program at The King's Academy from the ground up!

Bridgeport Central High School

Bridgeport, Connecticut
How a one woman computer science program, led by Eve Sarra, grew Bridgeport Central’s computer science track from nothing to multiple sections of AP ready students -- in just a single year.

The Browning School

New York City, New York
Having taught computer science for over a decade, Aaron Grill, now the Director of Technology and a classroom teacher at the Browning School in New York, says that for administrators thinking about bringing on a computer science program, CodeHS is a silver bullet!

High Point Christian Academy

High Point, North Carolina
With more than 20 years of professional computer science experience, Paige Daniels decided to switch gears and share her passion for computer science with younger generations - empowering them to impact the future!

Busan Foreign School

Busan, South Korea
It’s a whole new game teaching computer science. Zach Huffman, an online gamer and experienced computer science professional, decided to bring his passion to the classroom and isn’t looking back!

Denison High School

Denison, Texas
Spencer Barnett puts his programming skills to the test and teaches the first ever computer science classes at Denison High School in rural Texas.

Gunston High School

Queen Anne's County, Maryland
As the Director of Technology at Gunston High School, a small private school in Maryland, Joe Thompson started teaching computer science and quickly made it the funnest class at the school!

Vail Mountain Middle School

Vail, Colorado
Authentic, fun, inviting, inspiring -- this is the classroom that computer science teacher Kim Zimmer has created with CodeHS!

Mountain House High School

San Joaquin County, California
When Mountain House High School was being built 2 years ago, math department chair Brian Gervase made sure that computer science was a core part of the school curriculum and the 21st century learning environment that would prepare students to be both college and career-ready

Impact Academy of Arts & Technology

Hayward, California
Inspiring, connecting, and coding -- how Denise Huey create a welcoming coding environment of all of her students.

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