This feature will be available in the fall of 2019.

Starting this fall, you will have the ability to add, remove, and reorder CodeHS courses to teach exactly what you want to teach.

You can even combine materials from multiple CodeHS courses, playlists, and the problem bank into one, ordered list of assignments for students.

  • Want to remove a video? 
  • Want to add in your own practice problem? 
  • Want to reorder the lessons in our Intro to Python course? 
  • Want to teach a hybrid class combining a little web and video game design? 
  • Want to incorporate another quiz between modules? 
  • Want to build an entirely new course?

… No problem, you can do it all! We’re excited to give you as a teacher much more control over what and how you’re teaching your class. 

More information on this awesome feature will be coming soon!

To learn more read our latest Summer 2019 Platform Updates blog or email us at

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