There are 5 new FRQs in the CodeHS AP Java course (with teacher solutions) so that students can practice hand coding just like on the real AP exam.  Here are some highlights about the FRQs:

  • In general, each FRQ should take about 20 or so minutes to allow for the same timeframe as the AP test (4 questions in 90 minutes). 
  • These were placed in the course sufficiently after students have been exposed to the related content, but also can be moved to a later time during the course, as well.  They were spread out to allow for one to be completed roughly every 3-4 weeks during class in the last 3 modules of the course: Classes and OOP, Data Structures and Recursion and Algorithms  
  • If you need to have instruction on a certain day, and still want to administer an FRQ to have students, it might work best to have them complete it at the end of the class period.  
  • Once you have completed grading the FRQs, it could prove useful to go over them as a class. 
  • It’s left to the teacher as to whether the FRQs should count towards a grade or not.  
  • Students will see the FRQ handout in the course, but not the solution. Solutions are attached to the corresponding lessons as shown below. 

FRQ Titles with Lesson Placements: 

Combination Lock (4.5 Writing Classes and Instance Methods)

MagicalWorld Candy (4.13 Class Design and Abstract Classes)

Seat Assignments (5.5 Arrays vs. ArrayLists)

Genres Galore Online Store (5.9 Binary) 

Gradebook (6.2 Linear Search) 

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