When reviewing student submissions, it can be helpful to filter for specific exercises. This allows you to focus on and respond to one problem at a time. On CodeHS, there are two ways to filter student submissions and review one type of exercise: from your Code Review Dashboard and Fast Grade. 

To filter from the Code Review Dashboard, first locate the Dashboard in your toolbox:

Once you’ve opened your dashboard, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find a list of all of the modules for the courses your students are enrolled in.

Select the module you’d like to focus on, and you will see each exercise within that module. From here you have the option to “review all submissions for this problem for this class.”

Clicking on “Code Review” will open up Grade Mode and you will be able to review submissions for only that exercise.

You can also filter student work within Fast Grade. You can access Fast Grade from your Code Review Dashboard or directly from the Toolbox.

On the upper-left hand side you’ll see the option to select “Filters and Ordering.” The drop down menu will then give you the option to filter by section name, user name, course name, module name, or exercise name. 

Select the category for “Item name or ID” and enter the name of the exercise you’d like to review. Fast Grade will automatically queue up any submission for that exercise. You can also filter within specific sections, or classes, by adding the “class name” to your filters.

Note: Fast Grade is a Pro feature. If you would like more information about CodeHS Pro, visit codehs.com/pro or email our team at hello@codehs.com. 

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