Exercises on CodeHS have autograders that check student programs and provide instant feedback. Students cannot pass the exercise without passing all of the autograder /code checks.

There may be times when you want to override the autograder on CodeHS. In the example below, the exercise asks students to style the font-color on their list items. As you can see, the autograder is expecting each list item to have a style tag, but this student has completed the assignment by creating a font-color style for all list items. Technically speaking, the student has completed the assignment correctly, but our autograders are expecting a specific response that is different! 

If you are comfortable with your student’s answers, even if they don’t pass the autograder, there is a simple way for any teacher to override the autograder so that students can move on to the next assignment on CodeHS. 

From the student’s code editor, click on the HELP tab. There, you can click the pass button above the comment box, and then press Send Review Grade. You should notice that the colored icon on the left side of the code editor will change from Completed, to Pass. 

In the Gradebook and in Progress Tracking, that assignment will now be marked as Passed. 

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