Who is eligible to earn graduate credit? 

Any teacher who completes a CodeHS professional development course is eligible to earn credit from St. Catherine University.

How do I enroll in a CodeHS PD course? 

Contact us at hello@codehs.com to enroll in a CodeHS PD course.

What CodeHS PD courses are approved? 

Below are the approved CodeHS courses:

Each PD course is worth 1 credit at St. Catherine University.

Where can I learn more about St. Catherine University?

To learn more about St. Catherine University and their Education for Licensed Educators, https://www.stkate.edu/participate/edex.

How much does it cost?

There are two separate costs involved in earning graduate credit. 

  1. The cost to enroll in a CodeHS professional development course. Please contact us at hello@codehs.com to learn more. 

  2. The cost per credit that St. Catherine University collects after completing the CodeHS professional development course.

How do I earn graduate credit? 

To earn credit, teachers must:

  • Complete an approved online professional development course on CodeHS

  • Upon course completion, submit the St. Catherine University credit form requesting to earn credit

  • Pay St. Catherine University's fee for processing the credit. *This fee is paid to CodeHS and is in addition to the CodeHS course fee.

What happens after I submit the credit request form and payment? 

After you submit the form and payment, CodeHS will:

  • Verify that the teacher has completed the course

  • Submit teacher information to St. Catherine University

  • Submit cost per credit to St. Catherine University

After St. Catherine University receives the information and payment, you will be award credit and sent an official transcript.

How can I use my graduate credit? 

Every school and workplace is different. Please check with your district to learn how St. Catherine University graduate credit can be applied.

To learn more about the earning graduate credit, contact your dedicated Account Manager or email us at hello@codehs.com

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