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Use the Course Builder tool and access your custom content

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Note: The Course Builder tool is no longer supported. This article remains for reference.

If you are looking to build your own course, see Creating Courses and Sections. We have streamlined the process of building a custom course by using the My Courses page. This ability is available on both Free and Pro plans. Learn more here:

Through CodeHS Course Builder, teachers can build their own courses for students. Custom Courses organize teacher-created activities into modules and lessons for students.  Teachers can use CodeHS' full set of teacher tools - such as Progress Tracking and Fast Grade - with Custom Courses.

Using Course Builder

  1. Navigate to the Create page either via the Toolbox, or the Side Navigation Panel 

  2. To the right of the My Custom Courses header, enter a name for your course, and click the green Create button 

  3. Add modules by typing a module name in the text box on the bottom left hand side of the screen and clicking the blue ‘+’ button

  4. To add lessons, choose the module you would like the lesson to be under. Name the lesson in the lower left of the screen, and click the blue ‘+’ button

  5. To add activities, click the text box embedded in the lesson that you would like to add the activity to. Next, name your activity, press the Enter key, and choose the correct activity type. 

  6. After you have finished designing the course, you can assign it to your section by clicking the Assign Entire Course button to the right of your newly completed course 

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