Follow Our Different CodeHS Blogs

Stay up to date with all things CodeHS! We have a number of blogs to follow how the company works as well as resources for teachers and schools. Also a fun tip: you can get to this page at You can click “Follow” at the top of the page to get updates as well.

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Read Write Code

Our main blog for CodeHS and computer science education.

also you can get there at

Coding in the Wild

A blog showcasing the amazing applications of computer science across industries.

CodeHS Product Updates Blog

Follow all of the product developments at CodeHS.

CodeHS Curriculum Blog

Follow all of the curriculum updates at CodeHS.

Working at CodeHS

We write about what it’s like to work at CodeHS, how we work, and share stories from our team (including interns!)

CodeHS Engineering Tech Blog

Learn more about the tech behind the CodeHS platform.

Press Releases

Find all CodeHS press releases here.

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