This article provides instructions for viewing your CodeHS graphics or react native program on the Android Expo app. If you are using iPhone, view iPhone instructions here.

This article assumes that you already have the QR code of the app that you are trying to view on your phone. If you do not have a QR code and you are in the editor take a look at the instructions here.

You can download the Expo app on your Android here.

Viewing Your App

First open Expo on your phone. You will a see a screen that looks like the screenshot below. Select "Scan QR Code" to begin. 

This will open up the camera with a box. Line up the QR code with the box on the screen and Expo will automatically read the code and open your app on the phone.

Viewing another App

If you currently have an app open and want to view another app you will have to go back to the main screen. If you have not navigated anywhere else on your phone you can just click the back button and it should take you back to the expo home page.

Otherwise you will need to open the recent applications menu and select the Expo home page. That will look something like this

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