Yes. This is a Pro feature.

There is a limited amount of customization you can currently do with a course. For now, you can customize which modules in a course students see, but you cannot add any modules or reorder modules.

Currently courses have two types of modules: those that are in the main part of the course and those that are supplemental modules. The distinction is that supplemental modules do not count towards the overall completion percentage of a course, but they are still available for the students to work on. There are also some limitations for using teacher tools with supplemental modules.

Module Settings

With the course customization tool you'll have the option to set a module to three different types:

Main Module: Main modules will be shown first to students and will be considered the main part of the course. All modules designated as main modules will be calculated into the overall course completion percentage for a student.

Supplemental Module:
Supplemental modules are available for students to work on as extra work, but these do not count towards the course completion percentage. Some teacher tools are not set up to work with supplemental modules.

Hidden Module:
Hidden modules allow you to hide modules from view, so if there is any content that you don't want your students to see, you can designate it as hidden. Your students will no longer be able to see these modules, and they will not count towards the course completion percentage.

How to Customize

To access the course customization tool, visit your section settings page from the gear icon at left of the navbar on any section page.

Scroll down to the section called "Toolbox Settings" and click configure by the course customization setting.

You will be shown the current state of the modules in your section. Next to each module in the section you will have a dropdown to change the setting for that module.

If you make a bunch of changes and realize you actually want to start over, you always have the option to reset the modules to their original state.

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