Currently CodeHS supports using blocks for some of our activities. If you are teaching a course that contains activities compatible with blocks you will be able to control whether your students see blocks or not. 

Here are some courses that have blocks compatible activities

  • Intro to Computer Science in JavaScript
  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • Computing Ideas
  • Web Design
  • Intro to Programming with Karel

To set your students up to use blocks you need click on your section and go to assignments. From there, click on the module, lesson and activity. Next to the activity you want to enable blocks for, click on Edit. Scroll down the page till you see Allow Blocks and enable blocks for the section. 

You can also allow blocks for individual students by clicking on Configure per Student. From there you can enable blocks for specific students. 

Turning On/Off Blocks for multiple assignments as once: You also have the ability to view and edit all assignment blocks/text settings on one page. Learn more in the Block Settings article.

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