CodeHS Pro teachers can now create pacing guides for their classes using the CodeHS Course Map. To get started with setting up your Course Map, go the Toolbox at top of any page under the Progress tab and select Due Dates.

View CodeHS Sample Syllabus
The first thing you will want to do is to open up the CodeHS sample syllabus. This syllabus will give you an overview of how many weeks to spend on each module. You can then use this information and adapt it to what you think will work best for your students based on your meeting schedule, student experience level etc.

Set Due Dates
Once you’ve viewed the CodeHS Sample Syllabus, you can use your school calendar and the CodeHS module breakdown in the syllabus to set Due Dates for your class. You can set due dates for every module, lesson, or activity. You have the freedom as the teacher how specific you want to get with this tool.

View Course Map
Once you’ve set up the due dates, click View Course Map and CodeHS will generate a Course Map for you. 

From this page, you can go back and edit Due Dates, print your course map, or configure your Course Map to show every activity instead of only lessons.

Student View: Due Dates
Students will be able to view the Due Dates  that you’ve set up by going “My Links” in the left menu and selecting “Due Dates.”

You can update your Due Dates and Course Map at any point in the year. We are hoping that these resources will help set you up for a successful school year by making your planning and pacing quick and easy!

Note: Due Dates are only available for CodeHS Pro customers. If you would like more information about CodeHS Pro, visit or email our team at

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