Have you ever had students finish a course and still need something to work on before the end of the year or semester? The first option is to always have your students work on the supplemental materials at the end of the course. Here is an article on how to access supplemental materials "How can students and teachers access Supplemental Materials?"

Sometimes students have already completed the supplemental as well, so what now? That is what is awesome about CodeHS. We have multiple courses that your students can continue to work on if they have already completed your main course, and it only takes a few clicks to add additional courses to your section. Below are a couple of screenshots walking you through adding additional sections. 

From the section home page click on the gear in the upper right corner. This will take you to your section settings page.

On the section settings page scroll down to the Course and Playlist Enrollment. Your section will have a Main Course already selected (On this section it's out Introduction to Computer Science in JavaScript). Simple click on the button to the right of the course you would like to add so that it reads yes. The last step is to make sure you click on the save button. Now your students can access the new course or courses you selected from their "My Courses" tab.

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