This fall your CodeHS Account Management team has been delivering a series of webinars exploring CodeHS tools, best practices, and teaching tips and ideas for the classroom. Below you will find the recording to all 8 webinars. We hope you find these webinars helpful. Please contact your CodeHS Account Manager with any feedback you have about these webinars or suggestions for future webinars. Thank you, and enjoy!

Week 1
CodeHS Webinar: Tools & Resources Overview

Week 2
CodeHS Webinar: Grading Deep-Dive

Week 3
CodeHS Webinar: Classroom Collaboration

Week 4
CodeHS Webinar: Customizing with CodeHS Create 

Week 5
CodeHS Webinar: Problem, Playlist & Quiz Bank

Week 6
CodeHS Webinar: Preparing for the Hour of Code

Week 7
CodeHS Webinar: Wrapping up Your Semester

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